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Guest Passes & Shark Bucks

Guest Policies:

  • All Guests must be accompanied by a Member.  Members are responsible for informing their guests of pool rules.
  • Guest fees are $5 per person/per visit. Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day are $10.
  • Non-Adult Members can bring no more than two guests at a time.
  • No more than five guests per family per day.  More than five guests entering the pool with a family is considered a party and must be booked two weeks ahead of time. 
  • An individual may come as a guest of a member a total of five times over the course of the pool season, unless approved by the Board of Directors.
  • Babysitters bringing member children in lieu of their parents are not charged a guest fee, but are required to be added as a household member (including birthday) on a member account for check-in purposes.   
  • Babysitters may come in lieu of, not in addition to, the parent or guardian.

Guest Pass

Guest passes can be purchased in advance or the day of visit.

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Shark Bucks Card

Purchase Shark Bucks to spend at the snack bar!

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