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New Parent Info

Swim Parent 101 – General Information

We’re so happy to have you! This is a year of change for our team with a new coach and new
leadership. Some things will be new to all parents; all things will be new to new parents. But
we’re friendly people, so if you have a question, PLEASE ask!



– Who can swim? All kids 5-18.

– If you have a 5- or 6-year-old swimmer, they will be a Shrimper. They do not have to be
proficient in all the strokes, but we do ask that they’re comfortable in the water. These
are NOT swim lessons. Shrimpers are guaranteed to swim in the first two meets. After
that, those who can make it across the pool COMPLETELY independently will keep doing
meets. All Shrimpers will keep coming to practice.

– If you have an older swimmer not proficient in strokes, that is fine. We will be working
this year to identify which swimmers might need extra stroke instruction to do strokes
legally, and coaches will be working with them.

– Fee includes swimsuit, cap, T-shirt, Breakfast of Champions and other team events.



– Swimmers are divided by ages. Practice times are on the calendar. Accommodations are
made for late dismissal schools. After school is out, practice switches to mornings.

– Swimmers will be evaluated during early practices so coaches can understand skill levels
and determine what instruction will benefit each swimmer most.

– Shrimpers can start the season using kickboards, but are expected to be comfortable
both getting into and putting their face into the water.

– Miss a practice? No worries, but please do understand that it’s a short season and every
practice will make your swimmer that much better.

– Please stay out of the coaches’ ways! They really do love you, but they’re trying to work
with a lot of kids in a little time. If you have a concern, please either communicate with
them before or after practice, or find one of us. We want issues addressed ASAP, but
also want to keep practice organized and moving.



– Before each meet, on the team website you’ll be able to access heat sheets and entry
reports. The entry report lists your child’s name, followed by all the events they’ll be

– You will want to print the heat sheet and BRING IT TO THE MEET. It lists every event in
the meet, and tells you what heat and lane your child will be swimming in!

– Have the heat sheet? Now it’s time to tattoo your swimmers! (Just kidding. Breathe!)
Many swimmers like to have their events written on their arms, and many also decorate
their backs. Use Sharpie, NOT washable markers. It’s also helpful to write swimmers’
first initials and last names on arms/shoulders.

– Now it’s time to pack! Some things you might want to bring: Heat sheet; an extra
Sharpie; swim caps; goggles; waters; snacks/dinner (Yes, the snack bar is open at our
pool and many others, and Sunset Slush can provide vital nutrients, but expect LONG
lines.); towels; chairs for parents; entertainment for antsy kids.

– Swimmers wear team shirts (provided with registration fee) over their team suits. Early
in the season, a pair of warm pants and a sweatshirt might be VERY welcome by your
swimmer for the ride home. And grown-ups: Wear team colors. Trust us on this.

– Parking: Expect it to be bad. Allow 15-20 minutes extra to find parking and get to the
pool. MEET WARMUPS ALWAYS START AT 5:30. You will want to be AT THE POOL no
later than 5:15, which means you should be parking/looking for parking by 5.

– Events: Especially for the younger swimmers, PLEASE do your best to keep an ear on
what event is going on, and keep an ear on any Clerk of Course announcements. If your
child misses an event, THEY MISS THE EVENT. It is their responsibility to get to the Clerk
of Course so they can make it in the right heat and to the right lane for their event.

– Order of events: Shrimpers go first. If your Shrimper is only swimming freestyle, they
will be in Event 1 (girls) or Event 2 (boys), and then will be done. After that, you are
dismissed! After Shrimpers, events go in this order, and by age group within each event,
and girls swim before boys: Medley relays; freestyle; backstroke; individual medley;
breaststroke; butterfly; freestyle relays. Younger swimmers are often done after
backstroke or breaststroke.

– Friendly warning: If you sit directly by the pool, you WILL get wet (especially when the
older kids swim). Also, keep an eye on anything you put on the ground. Lots of
swimmers means lots of water on the deck!


Volunteering: Each family with a swimmer older than Shrimper will be required to
volunteer at meets. (If you only have a Shrimper, this requirement does not apply to
you. There will be other opportunities to get involved during the season.) An email with
more details and a link to volunteer signup will be sent to you before the signup goes
live. Parents of younger swimmers might want to volunteer for the first half of meets so
you can leave a bit earlier. Slots include timers for each lane; hospitality; runners; Clerks
of Course; meet set-up and break-down; stroke judges (training required); computer
(training required); grilling; and ribbons. PLEASE make sure swim team is selected on
your interests on the website; that is how you will continue to get team emails.

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